The warm, gold color of Captek understructures provides a perfect background for esthetic results. Superior esthetics are achieved, even in the gingival third, with no unsightly gray lines at the margin.


University testing confirmed the high shear bond strength and load bearing capacity of Captek crowns and bridges. Reliable clinical documentation
since 1995 makes Captek a proven performer.


Clinical testing proves that Captek restorations reduce bacteria and plaque by 71% as compared to the ultimate standard, natural healthy tooth structure. Captek is the only restoration referred to by a top researcher as having therapeutic potential to encourage healthy tissue.

Accurate Fit:

The microstructure of the composite metal, together with the unique lab process, is proven to provide significantly smaller marginal openings on Captek crowns and bridges versus all categories of traditional cast metals. Better-fitting crowns require less internal, occlusal and contact adjustments, thus saving valuable chair time.

Save Chair Time:

No special preparation or bonding techniques are required.