An account is opened secured by your credit card and allowed to accrue invoices for 30 days. A detailed statement follows and will be mailed to you on the first of each month. Payment is due by the 10th.

Sunrise Dental Laboratory, Inc. also accepts payment by Visa and MasterCard. For credit card payments, with your authorization, automatic payment will be charged to your card on the first of each month. A receipt of your transaction will then be mailed to you. Monthly statements will continue to be mailed on the first of each month. If you desire to participate in this option please call us at (909) 790-1115 and we will acquire the necessary information.

Something to consider is many credit card companies are now offering air mileage as a bonus. Mileage can be accumulated through regular purchases with their card.

Your alloy cost for Fixed Prosthetic Restorations is based on international markets. Below are the New York and London Spot Prices for specific metals used in our certified alloys. These market prices affect our alloy costs on a daily basis. This constant fluctuation is why we charge separately for labor and alloy.

Alloy Cost