e.max CAD

  • High strength glass-ceramic block for CAD/CAM techniques.
  • Indicated for single unit anterior and premolar substructures.
  • Suitable for implants superstructures for single tooth restorations.
  • Adsence of shrinkage that optimizes the fit of the restoration.

e.max Press

  • Pressable technology delivering the ultimate in fit, strength, and esthetics
  • High strength glass ceramic ingot offering the greatest strength
  • 400 MPa flexural strength
  • Indicated for fabricating single-tooth anterior and posterior crown substructures and 3-unit anterior bridges
  • Suitable for implant superstructures for single tooth restorations.


NobelProcera Zirconia and Alumina

Crowns in zirconia and alumina

  • Crown copings in two materials and two thicknesses of each: NobelProcera Crown Zirconia (0.4mm and 0.7mm) and NobelProcera Crown Alumina (0.4mm and 0.6mm)
  • Thickness selection is indication-dependent and designed for providing uniform support for the veneering layers
  • For natural-tooth or implant-retained restorations

Bridges in zirconia and alumina

  • Deliver maximum biomechanical strength and allow for high precision of fit
  • NobelProcera Bridge Zirconia is available in up to 8 units* in Canada
  • NobelProcera Bridge Alumina is perfectly suited for anterior use, up to 4 units
  • For natural tooth- or implant-retained restorations