Case scheduling is one crucial step in the success of the prosthetic we create. Below is our schedule for completing your cases with extreme accuracy. Please note that they relate to "in-lab" working days. If you are shipping cases, please allow the additional time required. Local cases received after 12pm begin on the following business day, excluding repairs. Sickness, vacations, holidays and workload, etc. can affect our schedule. Large or complex cases require additional time. Our schedules were developed and must be respected so that your reputation, as well as ours, is not compromised. If this conflicts with your delivery date you will be notified.

All Ceramic Crowns 14 days
Base Plate & Rim3 days
Bite Splint 5 days
Ceromer Restorations12 days
Crown & Bridge10 days
Custom tray 3 days
Denture/R.P.D. Setup 4 days
Orthodontic Appliances 5 days
Orthodontic Study models 10 days
Porcelain Fused to Metal 12 days
Process & Finish 4 days
R.P.D. Frameworks 10 days
Valplast Finish 5 days

We recognize the need for rush cases. Calling ahead to pre-appoint these special cases will be beneficial to your practice as well as ours. A service charge of 25% will be added to the case.